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A Facebook video post is going viral involving a Staff Nurse from Rizal Medical Center in Pasig City. A female staff nurse was captured in a video taken by a patient’s relative, named Ronald Hernandez, in nurses station. They are having an argument after being advised by the nurse that there should be only 1 watcher per patient.

As of September 21, 2016, the viral video was deleted by the uploader in Facebook.

Nurse RMC

Every hospital has their own policies and protocols and each hospital employee and its clients must abide with this. This hospital policies and protocols are constructed to protect its employees and clients.

This video was actually captured by patient’s relative and it didn’t show the complete scenario. Apparently, an old woman was saying her sentiments with the staff nurse after they were advised that there should be only 1 watcher. I honestly salute the nurse for being calm and maintaining her smile although Mr. Hernandez was claiming that the nurse sounds sarcastic. I know that the nurse was only following hospital rules and regulation and she is also concerned for infection control.