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Red Cap Movement

The Red Cap Movement was recently launched and getting viral on the social media. This campaign aims to create public awareness, and influence legislators, policy makers and implementers to:

  • address the worsening healthcare condition of our country through
  • provision of adequate health facilities (barangay health stations, main health centers, hospitals), equipment and supplies to address the health needs of our growing population
  • creation of additional regular plantilla items for nurses and other health workers in health centers, main health centers, clinics in public schools, and public hospitals in accordance to WHO/DOH staffing standards.
  • enactment of laws upgrading the salaries of nurses and other health workers, commensurate to a living wage prescribed by the constitution
  • implementation and provision of adequate funding for the benefits of public health workers prescribed by RA 7305
  • improvement and implementation of standards on occupational health and safety

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