PRC Offers Express Lane for Professional ID Renewal

PRC Logo PhilippinesThe Professional Regulation Commission announces the resumption of the I.D. Express Lane in the central and regional offices starting March 4, 2013.

Under Office Order No. 2013-97 dated February 25, 2013, the Professional Identification Cards (PICs) Express Lane shall apply to:

  • Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) upon presentment of contract of employment, plane ticket, and visa, if applicable; and
  • Other professionals requesting PIC for employment purposes hentai porn upon presentment of a letter of request, and a certification from the employer requiring the PIC.

An additional fee of P450.00 will be collected in the processing of the PICs as provided in PRC Resolution No. 2006-370.

The I.D. Express Lane allows the professionals to secure their renewed professional I.D.’s an hour after filing and payment of the corresponding fees.

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