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In relation to the increasing number of drug users who surrender to the authorities, the Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Paulyn Ubial eyes to introduce benefit package in PhilHealth that will cover the early stages of drug rehabilitation which is acute detoxification phase.

Should the planned package push through, it will likely cover the drug-based treatment as well as non-drugs procedure such as detoxification, psycho-social support, and debriefing. However it is unlikely that PhilHealth can likewise create another benefit package for the longer phase of drug rehabilitation. Only two-week acute detoxification phase and not the entire length of drug rehabilitation should be covered under the benefit package. Prolonged residential services for rehabilitation cannot be covered as this takes six to 12 months. Moreover, treatment is more expensive because of the required drugs while in other cases, the treatment involves less costly psychosocial methods.

Meanwhile, the government has yet to lay out a tangible plan for the rehabilitation of the drug dependents.