PAO assures nurses not included in DengVaxia criminal charges

I have been receiving several inquiries regarding DengVaxia recently such as, “Sir, will public health nurses who injected DengVaxia to children will be held liable?“.

Although the issue is still under investigation, the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) has assured that public health workers such as nurses will not be included in the criminal charges that they are preparing. Moreover, they are still drafting the criminal complaint against the persons responsible for the DengVaxia.

According to Atty. Persida Acosta, PAO chief, public health workers were just deceived that it was for the good of the children. Hence, they will not be charged of criminal offense since they were only misled because it had the blessings of the Department of Health (DOH).

PAO Chief Acosta also advised health officers to declare real cause of death in the death certificates whenever a child died of severe dengue. Dr. Erwin Erfe, head of PAO Forensic Laboratory, mentioned that one of the victim had severe bleeding in the brain hence he advised that treatment should be quick. He is also asking experts to study the case and make a treatment protocol.

The Ospital ng Muntinlupa has initiated a DengVaxia Taskforce wherein it offers a DengVaxia fast lane in the Emergency Department and Out-Patient Department.

Source: UNTV

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