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POEA Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac yesterday advised Filipino nurses to be wary of unscrupulous persons offering assistance for facilitation of their employment in hospitals in Germany.

The administrator said he received reports that some applicants were approached by fixers promising insertion of their names in the list of candidates to be submitted to Germany for a huge sum of money.

Cacdac said illegal recruiters, scammers, and fixers often exploit publicized overseas employment opportunities like the Employment Permit System in Korea, JPEPA nurses and caregivers for Japan, and now Germany’s Triple Win Program.

He clarified that applicants are selected according to their qualifications and the Federal Employment Agency (BA) through the International Placement Services (ZAV), the authorized agency to recruit Filipino health professionals under the German law, has the final decision in the selection of candidates.

Administrator Cacdac advised jobseekers to report to his office any encounter with fixers, especially if employees of the POEA are involved, at telephone numbers 7221144 and 7221155, info@poea.gov.ph, facebook.com/poea.official and twitter.com/poeaNews.