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Nurse trainees of RN HEALS complain of getting no benefits and low pay. I don’t know where I should stand on this. RN HEALS is meant to be for training and enhancement of nurses and not for permanent employment. Nevertheless, I also see that there is something wrong with it.


TV Patrol Weekend – Kulang sa Pansin – November 11, 2012

According to the implementation guidelines of RN HEALS set by DOH, the nurses under the said program shall receive a monthly allowance/stipend of PHP 8,000, Philhealth insurance premium of PHP 2,400 , GSIS Group Personal Accident Insurance premium of PHP 500 and additional monetary or non-monetary benefits from the recipient health facilities.

There are complains where nurses of RN HEALS are not receiving those monthly allowance on time and sometimes not at all. DOH itself also sees that there are problems in the program and they are planning to stop RN HEALS in the near future. The group ANG NARS is still fighting for the plantilya position for nurses.

What are your experiences with RN HEALS? We want to know your insights and complains about RN HEALS.