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Let’s tell the fact that a call center agent is now one of the highest paying job in the country. No wonder why most engineers, nurses, teachers, and other professionals are now in this kind of job. It’s not a bad job, in fact it is a reputable job.

Just few days ago, I decided to find a job. It’s already been quite so long since I graduated and passed the nursing licensure exam and yet I still got no job. So recently, I made the decision to go to the call center industry. Honestly, I don’t want this kind of job. It would still be better for me if I am in the hospital working as a staff nurse. But what can I do, there’s no job available for us new nurses in the hospitals. You have to be a volunteer nurse first and you are not getting anything except a “Thank You” certificate, a certificate of appreciation, or something-a-like.

With this country’s economy, there’s no more time and reason to choose a job. Nowadays, it’s really hard to find a job. Once there’s an opportunity, grab it immediately. It is kinda hard for us nurses to work in a call center. But we have no choice. There were only limited job offers for staff nurses, clinic nurse, company nurse, and private nurses. Even if there is, at least 2 years work experience in the hospital is required. How could we have that if we new nurses were not given a chance to work in the hospital.

Nevertheless, we can’t blame nurses that are in the call center. They are just being practical. Nurses are just smart, and hard working.