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The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced late 2011, the nominees to the Philippine Board of Nursing. The nominees were nominated by the Pambansang Samahan ng mga Nars ng Pilipinas Inc. (formerly PNA).

AYNLA gathered some pertinent information for you to know the BON nominees:

1. Florence Cawaon, EdD, RN

  • Concentration: Nursing Education/Management
  • Current Dean, College of Nursing, University of Baguio
  • Former Assistant to the President for Nursing Program & Dean of the School of Nursing, University of Baguio
  • Former Dean, College of Nursing, Baguio Central University
  • Former PRC Board Examiner

2. Linell Malimbag, PhD, RN

  • Concentration: Nursing Education/Management
  • Former Dean, College of Nursing, Davao Doctor’s College
  • Former Chair, Board of Governors, PNA
  • Recipient, Dr. Rose Constantino Visiting Nurse Scholarship, Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society

3. Florence Alcazar, RN

  • Concentration: Community Health Nursing
  • Director, Career & Placement Office, Western Mindanao State University
  • Manager, Public Employment Services Office, WMSU
  • Former Governor, PNA Region IX

4. Ofelia Hernando, EdD, RN

  • Concentration: Nursing Education/Military Nursing
  • Dean, College Nursing, AMA-St. Augustine School of Nursing
  • President, Military Nurses Association of the Philippines
  • Retired Colonel, Military Nurse

5. Gloria B. Arcos, PhD, RN

  • Concentration: Nursing Service/Management
  • Nurse V, Director of Nursing Service, Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital
  • National Reviewer, Millennium Review Specialists

6. Fely Marilyn Lorenzo, DrPH, RN

  • Concentration: Public/Community Health/Health Policy
  • Founding Chairperson of the MA Health Policy Program (Community and Health Statistics) of the University of the Philippines Manila College of Public Health
  • Founding Director, Institute of Health Policy & Development Studies, National Institutes of Health

7. Carmelita Divinagracia, EdD

  • Concentration: Nursing Education/Research
  • Dean, College of Nursing, UERMMMC
  • Former National President, Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing
  • Member, Technical Committee on Nursing Education, CHED
  • Filipino Nurse Theorist

8. Glenda Arquiza, PhD, RN

  • Concentration: Nursing Education/Management
  • Dean, Institute of Nursing, Far Eastern University

9. Cely Balatan, PhD, RN

  • Concentration: Nursing Education/Service & Administration
  • Nurse VII, Chief Nurse, Bicol Medical Center
  • Faculty, Graduate School, Universidad de Sta. Isabel
  • President, PNA Camarines Sur Chapter

10. Carfredda Dumlao, PhD, RN

  • Concentration: Telehealth Nursing
  • Treasurer, Philippine National e-Learning Association, Inc.
  • Military Nurse, Armed Forces of the Philippines

11. Teresita Berina, PhD, RN

  • Concentration: Maternal & Child Health Nursing
  • University of Saint Anthony
  • President, PNA Iriga City-Rinconada Chapter

12. Bernarda Lleno, EdD, RN

  • Concentration: Community/Public Health
  • Health Education Supervisor – Northern Mindanao, CHED
  • Former Governor, PNA Region X

13. Alvin Cerezo, RN, MAN

  • Concentration: Nursing Administration
  • Legislative Staff Officer IV/Senior Nurse, House of Representatives
  • Board Director, National Nurses Vox Health 
  • Former President, PNA Pangasinan Chapter 

14. Victor Quimen, PhD, RN

  • Concentration: Nursing Education/Management
  • Former Dean, College of Nursing, Gordon College, Olongapo City
  • Former Dean, College of Nursing, Surigao Education Center

15. Ofelia Sanchez, PhD, RN

  • Concentration: Nursing Service/Dialysis/Nephrology/Cardiovascular Nursing
  • Academic Manager, Fresenius Medical Institute of Dialysis Nursing