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What is the minimum salary of nurses in the Philippines? Nurses are one of the exploited job in the country. Nurses doesn’t receive what they are supposed to receive and worst is they don’t receive anything.

Citing a report of the Alliance of Health Workers, Casino said nurses who are supposed to receive at least P24,887, which is equivalent to Salary Grade 15 based on the Nursing Act of 2002, receive only P15,649, equivalent to the amount being received by those in Salary Grade 11.

SEC. 32. Salary. – In order to enhance the general welfare, commitment to service and professionalism of nurses the minimum base pay of nurses working in the public health institutions shall not be lower than salary grade 15 prescribes under Republic Act No. 6758, otherwise known as the “Compensation and Classification Act of 1989”: Provided, That for nurses working in local government units, adjustments to their salaries shall be in accordance with Section 10 of the said law.

The Philippine Nursing Law was enacted in the year 2002, and it is already 2012 and yet Filipino Nurses are still not getting the right salary or just what have been mentioned, worst not getting any salary. Lucky to those who are working in the government or public hospitals because they are earning more than those in the privately owned hospitals. But sometimes, nurses are overworked, the proper nurse-patient ratio is not being observed and yet not properly compensated. Would you believe that the salary of nurses in some private hospital is only around P8,000 per month. They are professionals with license and caring for lives of people, yet they are only getting that low salary.

When will the government take actions in the nursing problem in the Philippines? I don’t believe that there is really an over supply in the country. Try to see the scenarios in the hospitals, they are in deed under staffed.

Photo Credit: FilipinoNurses.org