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More and more nurses are now into blogging. Everyone has different purpose for blogging. Some nurses blog for money, for passion, for fun, and for whatever purpose they want. Below is a list of blogs which are owned by a nurse.

  1. Nurse Hussein by Hussein Catanyag, RN
  2. Nurse Harbee by Harby Abellanosa, RN
  3. Nurse Germz by Germeline Joy Nabua, RN
  4. Nurses Labs by Mark Rivera, RN
  5. RN Speak by Cyrus de Asis, RN
  6. Little Nars by Dianne Peña, RN
  7. Girl In Scrubs by Cha Delfin, RN

If you are also a Filipino nurse who blogs, then just leave a comment below or contact me so that I can add you up in the list. Let us show in the world how many Filipino Nurse Blogger are there.