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On October 17, 2016, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) of the Philippines released a statement regarding the full implementation of CPD compliance in the first quarter of 2017. Under RA 10912, CPD unit requirement is mandatory for all professionals before they can renew their PRC licenses. The question now is how are we going to earn CPD units.

First, let me share with you the required CPD units for each profession.
cpdunits1 cpdunits2

April 13, 2017 Update: In the recent MDC Research Congress held at Manila Tytana Colleges on January 2017, BON Arquiza mentioned that professional registered nurses will be required with 60 CPD units. Although, until April 2017 no official implementing rules and regulation (IRR) issued yet by the PRC-Board of Nursing.

How to earn CPD units?

matrix1 matrix2

According to the CPD revised Guidelines of 2016, registered and licensed professionals shall complete the required units every 3 years as specified in the matrix above. In any excess of credit units earned shall not be carried over to the next 3-year period except credit units earned for doctorate and masters’ degrees or specialty training which shall only be credited once during the compliance period.