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Goodbye 2011

The Year 2011 has been kind to me. I made a lot of achievements in this year. I did never expect that 2011 will be a great year for me. At the first days of this years, many of them are saying that 2011 will be a bad year. I do believe in it in some point. But looking at the bright side, 2011 is really such a wonderful and lucky year.

goodbye sign

What happened in 2011?

  • April 2011, I was able to finished my 4-year course (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). I was able to step up on the stage and received my diploma.
  • July 2011, I was able to take the Nursing Licensure Exam
  • August 2011, the result of NLE was released and I was able to pass the Nursing Licensure Exam
  • Sept 2011, I filed my registration in Professional Regulation Commission to be a Registered Nurse
  • October 2011, I am finally a licensed registered nurse
  • October 2011, my grandmother just had her eternal life and she is now with God
  • November 2011, I was able to get my first every formal full time job (even if it is out of my career)
  • December 2011, I was able to get my first ever pay slip, my first salary

See how kind is 2011 to me.

I am really looking forward for 2012. This coming year will indeed be a challenge to me. Being a young adult, is the thing I am afraid of. I am afraid of responsibilities, but I will be brave in facing them.

 Happy New Year! Hello 2012!