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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns the public to be cautious in taking foods or dietary supplements for curing purposes as it has no approved therapeutic effects. This applies to testimonials given by certain individuals with or without the consent of food manufacturers, importers or distributors promoting or advertising said product. The FDA labeling regulation under Bereau Circular No. 02 s. 1999 requires the declaration of the statement “NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS” on the label of all food and dietary supplement as a means to inform the consumers that food and dietary supplement has no approved curative effects.

Food and dietary supplement could be taken to support nutritional needs of the body. However it has not been given approval for any therapeutic effects which could only be granted to drugs as proven by clinical studies. Promotional or advertising materials containing testimonials and anecdotal information on food and dietary supplement associated with healing or curing diseases are not allowed.

The FDA further advises public not to believe any curative claims on food and dietary supplement and not to stop prescribed medications in favor of food and dietary supplement unless otherwise advice by a physician.

The Fda issues certificate of product registration to food and dietary supplement found to be compliant to regulatory requirements. Registration status of any food and dietary supplement can be checked at FDA landline number 842-5606.

This is an advisory from FDA and DOH. (PDF file)