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Under the old tradition, young boys undergo the rite of passage during the summer months with the use of unsterilized and crude sharp tools and a wooden block. It is mostly known as “pukpok”.

Pinoy Tuli

“Circumcision through the pukpok method is really unsafe, and exposes young boys to infection and tetanus,” Health Secretary Jannette Garin said.

The Department of Health (DOH) warns the public of the potential adverse affects of the traditional manner of circumcision, referred to in many parts of the country as “pukpok”.

Garin emphasized that circumcision should be done by a medical professional to ensure that the tools that will be used have been sterilized and patients will be prescribed with a certain antibiotics and pain relievers. She stressed that we have health centers, hospitals, and medical missions to accommodate young boys to undergo circumcision.

Photo credit: http://pinoytransplant.com/