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The Department of Health (DOH) launched the Nursing Certification Program (NCP) yesterday, November 23, 2012 in Manila. Health Secretary Enrique Ona led the turn-over ceremonies of the NCP modules.

Briefer on the DOH Nurse Certification Program

The DOH Nurse Certification Program (NCP) is designed to provide the mechanism for establishing a competency-based learning intervention and development for nurses, which adopts a level progression directed towards certification of competencies in the various clinical areas.

The certification system is DOH-supervised, with performance criteria and assessment processes established and accepted as standard across all DOH-hospitals. The NCP provides a framework for looking at higher level performance of nurses within a particular general or specialty area, using specific behaviors identified for each level and area as performance standards. It also provides the mechanism for progressing from one level of expertise to another, through a guided and evidence-based assessment process that applies the performance standards and is conducted by independent and objective assessors. Certification of Competency for a particular level is awarded to a candidate when all performance standards (behaviors) are demonstrated with consistency.

The Program is developed and implemented by selected DOH Teaching and Training hospitals and supervised by the DOH-HHRDB. The system for the DOH Nurse Certification includes:

  1. competency definitions for each level of general or specialty areas;
  2. requirements for entry into each level;
  3. competency-based assessment process to determine entry into as well as satisfactory completion of requirements for a given level;
  4. learning and development interventions for each level, using existing development programs in the hospitals and building on them; and
  5. certification of competency for each level of progression.

DM 2012-0181 DOH NCP
Source: Nurse Alvin Dakis