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On June 30,2016, which marks the first day of the Duterte adminstration, Senator Trillanes refiled the vetoed Comprehensive Nursing Law. It is heartwarming when you know there are still people in the goverment who shows concern and support to the Filipino nurses.

Here is the copy of the first page of the Conprehensive Nursing Bill filed by Senator Trillanes.


Senator Trillanes emphasizes that this bill seeks to increase the salary of Filipino nurses and to strengthen the regulation of the nursing profession through continous education by providing accreditation and certification of Advanced Nursing Practice. Senator Trillanes explained that even though nurses are given the increase of salary in Executive Order No. 201 of 2016 as mandated by former President Aquino, it is not enough to sustain the needs of ¬†Filipino nurses’ families. Hence, Filipino nurses seeks opportunity abroad for a better salary.