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To all Filipino nurses and to all who are looking for an opportunity abroad, beware of these email recruitment job scams discovered by POEA. If you are in doubt of an agency offering you big salary or asking you a suspicious recruitment or training fees, don’t hesitate to verify the agency with POEA. It is better to be sure than not.

MANILA, Philippines – Another e-mail recruitment scam targeting Filipino nurses and medical practitioners have been uncovered, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration said.

POEA Administrator Hans Leo Cacdac said the email, purportedly from the Sydney Adventist Hospital, charges a fee of P3,750 for a two-day “British English” training.

Sydney Adventist Hospital, located in New South Wales, Australia, was informed of the scam and has since denied having a part of it.

An alert in Sydney Adventist Hospital’s website said it has not issued advertisements, emails and other notices encouraging nursing staff in the Philippines to submit applications for training for employment.

“The information about Sydney Adventist Hospital recruitment is not accurate and we have not organized training courses and hospital representatives will not be in the Philippines on July 21 and 22 to employ people,” the hospital said in its warning.

Cacdac said the scam is similar to the one allegedly sent by Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Canada which offers “Visa Interview Coaching” for a fee of P3,888.

Karen Franchiti, human resource specialist of the real Stevenson Memorial Hospital, wrote the POEA denying having any business relations with “Stevenson Consultancy”, which is supposed to conduct the training in the Philippines.

Cacdac said the promises are similar: no placement fee, no processing fee, no salary deduction, no show money, no experience required, free accommodation and food allowance.

“This is a simple cut-and-paste job and is probably sent by the same group of swindlers which uses legitimate companies to lure victims”, Cacdac added.

He said those wishing to apply for employment as a nurse in Australia must be registered first with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA)

“The training program referred to as the Sydney Adventist British English Training is not associated with Sydney Adventist Hospital. These notices have been issued without our knowledge or approval. Relevant authorities have been advised that these notices are inaccurate and are investigating who has issued them. Please do not pay any fees for the advertised training in the hope of gaining employment here,” the alert said.

Job applicants who have received such recruitment e-mails should forward the same to info@poea.gov.ph for investigation by the POEA, Cacdac said

Source: ABS-CBNnews.com