Basic Course on Chemotherapy for Nurses (Cebu City)

Date: November 27, 2012
Location: Cebu City (To Be Announced)

Target Group: Oncology nurses and nurses in cancer centers, chemotherapy units and breast cancer clinics who want to acquire or enhance their basic competencies in oncology nursing; OR/Nursing/CSSD Staff/Dental Assistant


Description: This is a one-day seminar which covers the principles of chemotherapy; safety standards required during the preparation, administration and storage of chemotherapeutic agents; and, nursing management for patients undergoing chemotherapy. It aims to train and increase nurses’ competency level by providing them basic knowledge and skills in the field of oncology nursing

Objectives:  At the end of the training session, participants should be able to:

  1. Explain the role of chemotherapy as a therapeutic modality in cancer care
  2. Discuss the mechanisms of actions of commonly used chemotherapeutic agents;
  3. Identify the safety precautions associated with the preparation, administration, and storage of chemotherapeutic agents;
  4. Recognize the prioritization of nursing care for patients on chemotherapy;
  5. Discuss patient education needs of patients on chemotherapy; and,
  6. Demonstrate correct administration of chemotherapy.

Course language: American English

Course organizer: Philippine Oncology Nurses Association and Aesculap Academy


Marichen gay porn A. Dychangco, MAN, RN
President, Philippine Oncology Nurses Association

Cecilia Pena, MAN, RN
Mariano Torres, RN
John Tito Abordo, RN

Endorsement: Philippine Oncology Nurses Association

Participation fee: 1200 PHP

Participation fee hint
Non-PONA members: PhP 1,200
PONA milf porn members: PhP 1,000

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