Few weeks ago, the Department of Health (DOH) revealed the 2013 budget which includes the RN HEALS Batch 4. Now, DOH gave a tip in Facebook that the application for RN Heals Batch 4 will start by November 1-30, 2012.

Application for RN Heals 4 will start by November 1-30. The guidelines for application is still being reviewed. It will be posted as soon as it is finalized. Those who were part of the previous RN Heals 1-3 need not apply to give chance to those who have not undergone the training. [source]

Keep updated for announcements of the Department of Health regarding RN Heals Batch 4. I’ve been hearing that applications have already started in some regions. Nevertheless, it was just rumors so better just wait for the official announcement of DOH regarding this matter. If you have concerns and/or inquires a list of contact person for RN Heals were provided by DOH.

You can do also check the application requirements and guidelines for RN HEALS Batch 4.