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Contrary to what Department of Health (DOH) Undersecretary Tong-An mentioned in the recent Philippine Nurses Association annual convention to stop the intravenous therapy (IVT) program and nurses no need to renew their IVT licenses, the Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines (ANSAP) released a statement thru a Facebook post advising nurses to continue the IVT programs.

ANSAP IVT program

It was mentioned in the recent PNA annual convention that instead of having licensed nurses undergo IVT licensing seminar and training with the burden of paying about PHP 3,000 – PHP 4,000, the colleges of nursing should instead include the said program to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing curriculum.

It is believed by many that ANSAP is just making only a business out of this IVT trainings in the which nurses are already supposed to be trained by the nursing schools on how to do so. Also, the hospitals or the institutions employing nurses should also provide all seminars and training needed for professional and career advancement. It was mentioned as well in the recent PNA annual convention that hospitals should not require staff nurse applicants to have IVT license and instead to provide them the training for it.

Although, we haven’t heard yet an official statement from the Philippine Hospital Association and so this should not take effect immediately. This was also clarified by Usec Tong-An in a Facebook post that his plans for nurses in the Philippines will not take effect immediately as this will undergo review and proceedings.

Student nurses and registered nurses, what are your thoughts regard this issue?