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40 contractual nurses at a local government hospital Bulacan Medical Center (BMC) lost their jobs due to allegedly bad bedside manners.


The sacked nurses were subjects of complaints from patients who were offended by their “unfriendly and rude behavior,” Dr. Protacio Bajao, BMC director, said.

Director Bajao said his office investigated the complaints and had recommended that the contracts of the involved nurses, which lapsed on June 30, should no longer be renewed.
Governor Alvarado said hospital employees, including doctors, who were also accused of bad behavior, would be transferred to district hospitals in outskirt towns.

Some of the nurses who lost their jobs objected to the treatment of their case over the social media. According to some posts, they had been at times irritable because they were overwhelmed by the number of patients at BMC.

A nurse, who asked not to be identified, said they are being complained due to delay administration of medications. Governor Alvarado said he was expecting better service from these nurses since they are receiving P18,000 monthly and even as much as P24,000.

“In Manila, nurses soothe patients when they receive injections. But here at BMC, I was told nurses and doctors sometimes berated their patients,” the governor said.