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Medication administration is one of the most critical job of a licensed nurse. The nurse must observe the 10 golden rules in medication or drug administration to ensure patient safety.

  1. Administer the right drug
  2. Administer the right drug to the right patient
  3. Administer the right dose
  4. Administer the right drug by the right route
  5. Administer the right drug at the right time
  6. Document each drug you administer
  7. Teach your patient about the drugs he is receiving
  8. Take a complete patient drug history (There is a risk of adverse drug reactions when a number of drugs are taken or when patient is taking alcoholic drinks)
  9. Find out if patient has any drug allergies
  10. Be aware of potential drug-drug or drug-food interactions. To protect your patient and your license, follow these guidelines for avoiding medication errors.
Source: Nursing Standards on Intravenous Practice 9th Edition (ANSAP)