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Want to undergo a quality 10-day Emergency Medical Technician training? Healthcare Advantage Institute (HCAI) offers a 10-day accelerated EMT training for healthcare providers. This accelerated course is for healthcare providers with a degree in nursing, midwifery, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, radio technician, medical technician, and any medical degree.

EMTs are being in demand local and abroad. Having a professional degree and an EMT title will be an edge for you. So why not bother take this 10-day accelerated course and have a better opportunity in your career. Below are some examples of recent job postings looking for a registered nurse with EMT training.



An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is an entry level health care provider in the field of Emergency Medical Services. This course is prepared to provide knowledge and skills to its participants to provide basic emergency care to sick and injured patients. The participants will be taught to perform basic skills on vital signs, bandaging, immobilization, stabilization and transportation of their patients. The participants will also be able to communicate and document their patient care as they endorse their patients to the healthcare provider in the hospital. It is composed of 96 hours (6 weekends) didactic and 200 hours practicum. Participant must pass the pre-qualifying examination conducted by HCAI to avail this course.

HCAI is affiliated with different health care facilities in the metro to provide you the best training for this course. Some of them are Barangay San Antonio Rescue Unit, San Juan Rescue Unit, Marikina Rescue Unit, Aeromed Rescue Unit, and Lifeline. Also, HCAI has a mock ambulance with complete and up to date equipments inside their training center.

HCAI mock ambulance

Regular price of this 10-day accelerated EMT training course is PHP 19,000. The course includes: tactical pants, blue EMT polo, 1 pair epaulette, collared shirt, handouts, name plate, belt, emt pin, identification card. After you have completed the course, you will get HCAI BLS certificate of attendance, American Heart Association (AHA) BLS ID card valid for 2 years, EMT certificate of completion, and eligibility to take the NCII exam.


If you are willing to avail this course, you can send me an email and I could even give you discounts.